Nikki Hanley

Nikki provides the strong foundations upon which Website Rescue has developed.  Slightly distanced from the more pure IT role, Nikki is best positioned to give a marketing overview of how designs and concepts are coming together.

It is this different view that enables the company to see projects from many angles and provide the very best solutions to clients.  (She is not afraid to look at your work over the shoulder of a colleague and say, “If you added a section that can…then they would be able to….” – all at no extra cost to you!)

Web companies are often seen as quite distant because the work they do is so technical but really we want people to drop in and talk to us.  By building a good relationship with our clients we can make sure that they get the very best solutions…  And we have the best coffee around!

You may not even know that Nikki has cast her marketing eye over your project but rest assured that if there is extra value she can add, she will have done so.

… they really go that extra mile to assist… Every time I walked in I was made feel like a good friend, which really generates an enormous amount of trust that they are going to do the right thing for your business. I don’t know many companies in any industry that can offer this (Larissa Amos, Devine Time Massage)