Gary Hanley

There really was no question that Gary would end up in the IT industry or that he would find his strength in helping solve website problems for other people. With more computer qualifications under his belt than Bill Gates, Gary leads the team with a methodical and clear approach. He has watched web companies suddenly appear and disappear just as fast but throughout it all Gary has remained steady because he always puts the best interest of the customer first. The best thing we can do for a client is to make sure that anything and everything is in their name. It takes longer and is more hassle for us but it is so important that they have ownership right from the start. We retain customers because they want to be with us, not because they have to be with us.

Gary has grown up with IT and was at the forefront of the Internet age. He has seen how it has grown and changed and has been instrumental in keeping his clients ahead of the game.

Website Rescuers knew exactly what to do and ensured that my website and hosting were up and running in the shortest possible time. The proof is in the number of clients we’ve signed up since the website was created. I’m more than happy to recommend Team Evolution and speak to anyone considering using their services (Thierry Tedeschi, Director, Focus Management and Business Solutions P/L)